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What's AIG Trade+?

Policyholders are entitled to a complimentary credit management system “AIG Trade+” to give greater visibility of receivables portfolio and individual customer’s credit risk. Watch the video to learn more

Log into Trade+ here

The system is fed by a regular weekly upload of your invoice data. It is a simple user-friendly “drag and drop” process, and after the first upload the software remembers your system, details and columns for subsequent uploads. Information at the individual invoice level gives a powerful granular view of individual buyer’s and the overall performance of your credit portfolio.

The system’s dashboards are easy and intuitive to interpret, clearly displaying the amounts and the age of debt, so you can view historical trends across your overall portfolio and at individual buyer level. The dashboards also profile a ledger showing average terms, average days beyond terms, average invoice to cash timescales and issues visible alerts for buyers who owe past due payments.

By capturing a regular feed of all buyers’ invoices and payments the system calculates recommended credit limits for each of your individual buyers. This means that you can not only see who they are trading with and how, but also means you can assess where they are overtrading with certain clients and where there is headroom to increase trading.

You can also use the system to request an immediate quotation from AIG for trade credit insurance for any of your buyers. You will already know the available credit limit we are prepared to provide as that is clearly displayed on the dashboard.

Login Guide

Here is a simple guide to get you up and running on the AIG Trade+ credit management system.

Download the guide